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You can rent an e-scooter in the West Midlands as part of a new trial. The trial is operated by Voi. You can rent an e-scooter in 2 trial zones. These are in Coventry and Birmingham city centres.

You cannot ride a privately-owned e-scooter on public roads. Voi e-scooters are the only ones allowed in the West Midlands.

To ride a Voi e-scooter in Coventry or Birmingham you must:

  • be at least 18 years old 
  • have a full or provisional UK driving license

There’s a weight limit of 100kg on a Voi e-scooter. This includes your body weight and anything you’re carrying, like a backpack.


To find and ride an e-scooter

  1. Download the Voi app (available on Android and Apple iOS).
  2. Use the app to find an available e-scooter near you.
  3. Unlock the scooter with the app when standing next to it.


It costs £1 to unlock a scooter. Then you pay 20p per minute to ride. Or you can have unlimited rides for £40 per month. There are reduced rates for:

  • NHS workers 
  • students 
  • people on low incomes 

You can use the app to apply for a discount.


When you ride a Voi e-scooter

  • wear a helmet 
  • only ride in the trial zone - the scooter will not work outside it 
  • stay off the pavement - ride close to the curb or use bike lanes 
  • park considerately - do not block pavements or roads 


Find out more about e-scooters on the Voi website

Email to give us feedback on the trial. 

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