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Keep your business moving

We can keep your business moving and help you adapt to growing demands.  We provide free travel support, advice and resources to enable businesses and commuters in the West Midlands to keep moving.  

The Travel Choices Team help with businesses and educational establishments providing a package of support for any planned disruptions on the network as well as helping to minimise the impacts on businesses and employees. 

The Travel Choices Team's can help with:

  • Providing people with better information about their travel options
  • Providing options that reduce the need to travel at all
  • Actively promote sustainable travel options
  • Make improvements to transport services to meet people's needs

To find out more about how we can support you and your business, please contact the Travel Choices Team: 

For more information or resources, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Coronavirus Advice for Busineses

The coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for businesses across the region but as the lockdown measures begin to ease, we have some great advice for helping you get your business back to work. 

The highlights include:

  • Working from home and flexible working practices

  • Walking and cycling support

  • Keyworker travel

  • Journey planning

  • Plus much more

Read our latest business guidance

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Ticketing Offers

Discounted travel to encourage employees to use public transport.

View travel savings

Self-Help Resources

Free resources to help encourage sustainable travel at your business

View resources

Workplace Cycling Top 10 Tips

Create a cycling culture where you work with these top 10 tips.

View cycling tips

Planned Disruption Travel Support

If your business is being affected by planned disruptions our business team can help.

View travel support

Advice for businesses that are relocating

Thinking of relocating your business into the West Midlands? Make the most of our travel experience. 

View advice

Places to Ride

British Cycling is working closely with Sport England to develop a national network of new cycling facilities which meets local demand, making use of a £15 million investment programme called Places to Ride.

Funding is available to any organisation that is developing cycling activity in their community.

See cycling places

Help your employees Thrive at Work

Investing in the health and wellbeing of your staff can have huge financial benefits.

Get all the guidance and advice you would need to get started, for free.

Get involved in Thrive at Work

Major Roadworks and Events

We detail big events, major roadworks or engineering schemes on our dedicated page giving you advanced notice and advice to plan ahead. 

View roadworks and events

Plan your journey

Plan your journey





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